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Welcome To Fishing 4 First Responders

Welcome to Fishing 4 First Responders AKA F4FR.
We are a National First Responder Support Program based in Washington State and registered in the State of Washington as a Non Profit. We have also been granted the (501)C3 status from the IRS for non profits.

Our organization seeks to improve the lives of all First Responders by providing Free Recreational Therapy which is designed to provide psychological and physical health, recovery and well-being.

Fishing Therapy is a clinically proven therapy and known as "Piscatorial Therapy" works wonders in the, Healing Process from psychological Injuries, Maintaining one's mental well-being. Piscatorial Therapy is also therapeutic for those that are physically disabled as well.

Fishing 4 First Responders, provides this valuable resource at no cost to our First Responder members.

Combined with a Mental Health Provider and Our Program, together we will help get you well on your way to recovery.    

Now, more than ever, First Responders need resources for their mental and physical well being. There are numerous outstanding Non Profit Organizations out there that serve and support the Military. What makes us unique is that we are the Only Non Profit Organization that is Exclusively dedicated  to First Responders using Outdoor Recreational Therapy, specifically Fishing.

We do have other activities as well besides fishing. Even though fishing is our main focus for our programs, we include other Maritime Activities, as well as limited land based activities.

Although we do not provide hunting as a part of our program, that does not preclude that a member can't invite another member on a hunting trip.

Included in our mission we promote, environmental stewardship.  Also as part of our commitment to the first responder we also support the spouses and children of our First Responders, both living and gone but not forgotten.

We are here to show the First Responder Community that it is OK to, Speak Out, Speak Up and Seek Help. We will break the stigma of being the superhero's the public has come to expect. We will show there is a human side to our First Responders.

What better way to get help, and have fun at the same time. There is an alternate option to going in to an office and laying on a couch or sitting in a circle telling our fears. We provide the couch, Mother Nature provides the therapy.

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Our Mission, Goal & Purpose 

Our Mission at Fishing 4 First Responders is to provide an environment where all First Responders can relax and decompress with other like minded individuals, that knows what each other goes through, from the stresses of day to day life, and on the job.
Our goal is to help prevent and end First Responder Suicide.
Our purpose is simple. No One Fights Alone.

It's not the uniform we wear, It's what's in our hearts. "Author Unknown" 

Send a Hero Fishing Tomorrow

Psychological & Illnesses, Injuries & Disorders and fishing  

Stress Related Illnesses, Injuries & Disorders are taking its toll on First Responders.
We lose more First Responders every day to suicide than we do from on the job exposure.
Enter Fishing in to the equation. 
Fishing Therapy actually has a name.
"Piscatorial Therapy" 
It is used by several mental care facilities. Two in the UK and at least one here in the US and several others throughout the world. 
Participants work together to catch fish. But fishing isn’t just a way to pass the time on the weekend anymore; it’s become a legitimate form of therapy. The therapeutic effect derives from the fact that fishing brings together mental relaxation and, very often, social camaraderie.
A 2009 study conducted by researchers from the University of Southern Maine, the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake City VA, documented the significant improvement in PTSD symptoms and sleep quality for those who took part in fishing. And a psychiatric hospital in Scotland found "piscatorial therapy" more effective than meditation for their clients.

$5, $10, $20 

Join Our Family.

Are you a Firefighter, Law Enforcement Officer, EMS or 911 Dispatcher.
Come join us and lets go fishing.
One simple Process to join our Peer Support Group.
1: Send us an Email to
NOTE: You Must Provide Proof of Service upon request.

100% Goes to provide free trips for our heroes.

Become a Member
No Money, No Dues, No Cost, Not Now, Not Ever

Don't have facebook, No Problem. Send Email to [email protected]

Come Join the growing membership of fellow First Responders Nationwide that also enjoy Fishing.

We do have a very strong vetting process for membership in to the organization. This is to ensure that only First Responders and Former First Responders are allowed access to the privileges of membership.
1 Simple Step.
Send an Email to our membership committee with a request to join
along with Name and State, and a copy of your First Responder credentials. 
Once we receive and process your request your information will be forwarded to your team leader along with your Teams Facebook Information.

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